President – Subzero ONYX

Subzero ONYX, born and raised in Chicago, where he has been exploring and working towards uniting the south and north sides in the kink and leather community. Subzero comes to us from the Covid 2021 Rays of Light Line and previously has been Onyx Adjacent prior.  He enjoys spending his time in making sure that people always feel comfortable and welcomed at all times in any space he occupies.  As President, his goal is to make sure that the message is clear and that the vision remains on track to be a safe space for POCs, working directly with membership and his Board in furthering the goals set for ONYX/Midwest.  Being a newer kinkster, he is not afraid to jump in and get in the mix to learn more and to also be apart of tackling any issues in the community.


Vice President – Legendary ONYX

Legendary ONYX has been a full brother of ONYX Midwest since last year. However, in 2018, he was introduced to “Project VIDA” by Voudou and Cheshire. That was the place he subbed in his first public scene with our former Vice President, Al. After that moment, he knew he enjoyed subbing for public scenes. In 2023, he is the judge’s boy for Leatherman of Color. 

He is honored to be serving on a board with his line brother, Subzero. We were the COVID line and “Rays of Light.” We hope to shine light to the community. As the Vice President of ONYX Midwest, it is his goal to empower our community, educate them on kinks and leather, and help others explore their knowledge.  


Pledge Master – Voudou ONYX

Voudou Onyx, from the Dominance Pledge Line, has been a member of ONYX Midwest since 2015. 

Besides being known creating Kink/Fetish wear for others for Leather events, He has served two terms as ONYX Midwest Historian, one term as ONYX Midwest Road Captain and one term as ONYX Midwest Assistant Pledge Master.

He has  been active as a member of IML’s Social Media Team, represented ONYX Midwest in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade, been on several speaking panels for various Leather events and worked alongside Project: Vida.

His Kinks/Fetishes are Dollification (using living beings as his dolls/action figures), exhibitionism, fetishistic cosplay, roleplaying, bondage and watersports.

While creating Fetish gear with his partner, Cheshire Onyx, is his hobby, he also enjoys traveling, watching movies and is a Sci-Fi/Comic book geek.


Secretary – Treble ONYX

Treble joined ONYX Midwest during 2017 Symphony Line. He has served diligently as both Historian and Sergeant-At-Arms. He is deeply committed to the values of our community and has shown unwavering dedication to our brotherhood.

Treble’s passion for helping others and his attention to detail, coupled with his big heart and goofy personality, make him an invaluable asset to our organization. His diverse kinks include rope play, houndstooth, water sports, and more—these reflect his vibrant spirit and dedication to exploring all facets of our lifestyle.

As a proud brat, Treble embodies the playful yet dedicated spirit of ONYX. He is committed to upholding the legacy of the Leather Community and contributing to the growth and success of our organization.


Treasurer – Legionnaire ONYX 

Legionnaire is currently serving ONYX/Midwest as Treasurer. Having been a member for over 20 years, he has always been in a position of leadership in the Midwest Chapter. Legionnaire started his leather journey in Germany where he first experienced leather as a submissive, learning kink life at his daddy’s side. Those early experiences definitely prepared him for continuing his fetish life explorations with ONYX.  ONYX has provided the opportunity for many experiences.  Along with a strong desire to further the goals of ONYX, Legionnaire also appreciates the family of leather folk provided as a long standing member which culminated in having the Legionnaire Award ceased in his honor at ONYX’ 20th Anniversary celebration.


Road Captain – Cariño Blaze ONYX

We are happy to announce our newly appointed Road Captain, Cariño Blaze ONYX. Since relocating from Arizona in 2018, he has been a driving force in fostering camaraderie within the community. In addition to his role as a dedicated video and graphic designer for a local Chicago non-profit–which specializes in HIV outreach and wellness, he also serves as a producer of the monthly web show “Toy With Me”– a collaboration between Project VIDA and ONYX Midwest. His kinks are: Puppy Play, Fisting (Top), Cruising, Tactile Play, Exhibitionism amongst others (as he does flag orange). Cariño Blaze ONYX is an example of commitment to the community, his kinks and his chosen family.


Past President  – Puma ONYX

Puma ONYX, born on the island of Puerto Rico–raised in Chicago, where he has been afforded the opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of lifestyles and experiences. Puma comes to us from the 2016 Predator Line and previously served as Road Captain, Vice President and most recently President during the 2021 and 2022 administration.  He finds pleasure in serving others with his attention to detail, dedication and winning smile. Puma is dedicated to the brethren-hood of ONYX, the Leather Community and the legacy that is created daily.

Sergeant-At-Arms – Cheshire ONYX

Cheshire Onyx joined ONYX  Midwest in 2018 as member of the Symphony Pledge Line. Raised in Mississippi, he first gained interest in the Leather Community upon his return to Chicago in 2016. He quickly became friends with ONYX members of other chapters, as he is known for his brightly colored bodysuits, harnesses and many times for wearing nothing but a smile. His kinks are electro play, mummification, bondage, flogging and wax play. He is also a model for, a Black-owned bear, cub, chub and daddy bondage site. Three of his favorite hobbies are cooking, traveling and making his own fetish gear alongside his partner, Voudou Onyx, that he likes to display at Leather events and Bar Nights.

Historian – Phobos ONYX

Phobos is one of our newest members hailing from the Titans Pledge Line. A pup, a dancer, a visual artist are amongst his talents and titles. Look out for this one, he will win you over with his charm and then wow you with his abilities.

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