President – Esu ONYX

Esu started his leather journey in June of 2014, when he filled out an ONYX application for full membership. Pursuing his interest in becoming a member was a new experience and this organization established by men of color was going to be the beginning of that journey. Since then he has looked at life through a veil of new kink and fetish experiences. He loves the brotherhood along with the fellowship of the ONYX members and is looking to continue growing in his leather journey.  Esu also loves having open discussions with individuals outside of the leather/kink/fetish culture, explaining what the organization is all about and dismissing all the misconceptions that the outside world has when the word “ONYX” is brought up.  Contact:


Vice President – Septu ONYX

Septu Onyx is a descendant of the ONYX/Midwest Phoenix pledge line. His journey as a leather-man began several years ago, although it wasn’t until the Fall of 2013 that he made a decision to find his place within ONYX/Midwest. Septu has been fortunate to connect with an accepting family that has offered guidance in a non-judgemental space where he is free to be his own person and explore the leather culture. Currently, Septu serves as Vice-President with the 2017 Board of Officers. He is also the Membership Chair for the chapter, working directly with the Pledge Master in bringing in new members.  Septu has demonstrated an interest in bondage and discipline, leather relationships, and wax play to name a few. Contact:


Pledge Master – Achilles ONYX 

Demitrius Mitchell (Achilles ONYX) came to ONYX after several years learning different areas of play and technique in private play spaces. He is a “free spirit” yet a student of the leather culture. Achilles is an artist and has produced canvas work that spans different topics from Pro-Black causes to kink inspired topics. As Pledge Master, Achilles seeks to teach a sound foundation of “Old Guard” while allowing the pledges to find their own way in their leather journey. Achilles is the proud Sir of one boy and the owner of a slave. Achilles maintains a strong internet presence which expresses his love of foot fetish play, spanking, bondage, and anal play to name a few.  Contact:


Secretary – Torture ONYX

Torture ONYX joined ONYX/Midwest in summer 2015 after pledging on the Dominance winter/spring pledge line. Torture was first introduced to the leather culture in 2003 as a voyeur. Torture was reintroduced to the leather culture in 2013 when his Life Partner, Talon ONYX invited him to the annual ONYX/IML dance. It was after that night that his life would change forever. Torture became inspired after the 2013 ONYX/IML dance to live in his kinky truth! Torture serves as Secretary with the 2017/2018 Board of Officers. Torture enjoys CBT play, nipple play, wax play, and spanking. Contact:


Close Up

Treasurer – Legionnaire 

Legionnaire is currently serving ONYX/Midwest as Treasurer. Having been a member for nearly 20 of ONYX’ 21 years, he has always been in a position of leadership in the Midwest Chapter. Legionnaire started his leather journey in Germany where he first experienced leather as a submissive, learning kink life at his daddy’s side. Those early experiences definitely prepared him for continuing his fetish life explorations with ONYX.  ONYX has provided the opportunity for many experiences, but none as significant as making it possible for him to have met his husband, Sir Volt.  Along with a strong desire to further the goals of ONYX, Legionnaire also appreciates the family of leather folk provided as a long standing member.  Contact:


Road Captain – Puma ONYX

Puma ONYX, born on the island of Puerto Rico–raised in Chicago, where he has been afforded the opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of lifestyles and experiences. Puma comes to us from the 2016 Predator Line. Our newest Road Captain is one who finds pleasure in serving others with his attention to detail, dedication and winning smile. New to the leather scene, Puma is dedicated to the brotherhood of ONYX, the Leather Community and the legacy that is created every day.



Past President  – Sir Volt

Sir Volt is a devoted leather man and kinkster, proudly embracing his ‘switch’ mentality resulting in continued personal growth. His determination to engage in leather, kink and fetish while challenging his own thoughts and proclivities have inspired those around him. He prides himself as a creator of safe spaces for individual self exploration, growth and expanding boundaries while experiencing the leather community. He currently serves as Chairman to the Board of Trustees of ONYX Midwest and as past president led the organization into a time of growth, community education and an increased presence across the Midwest. He also serves as a member of the ONYX National Council. As a member of the founding chapter of ONYX, he appreciates the history and leadership that has resulted in the establishment of the 6 chapter organization (and growing) known across the country today. Sir Volt thrives off of Brotherhood and helping others navigate their leather journey. He believes that leather is a personal journey supported by a community of fiercely supportive and loving people which is why he chose ONYX. He constantly challenges himself, his ONYX Brothers and the greater leather community to serve and support one another. He cherishes the relationship that he has with his husband, Legionnaire. Sir Volt is a nudist whose kink/fetish interests include Electric, Fire, Fisting, Dildos, Flogging, Bondage, Spanking and Water Sports, just to and a few.



Sergeant-At-Arms – Talon ONYX

Talon ONYX was exposed to a portion of the Leather life in the early 90’s; being reintroduced in 2001 by attending the IML ONYX Dance. It wasn’t until his Life Partner, Torture ONYX decided to pledge did Talon ONYX get fully introduced to the Leather Culture. Being very supportive of his Life Partner’s Leather Journey, Talon became intrigued and decided to join his Life Partner and pledged the following year. Being one who believes in order & structure, Talon was elected and now serves as the 2017/2018 Sargent-At-Arms.




Historian – Voudou ONYX

Voudou ONYX hails from Maywood, IL and has had an interest in ONYX since the early 2000’s. He finally came aboard ONYX/Midwest in the summer of 2015 with the DOMINANCE pledge line. He has found a home with his ONYX Brothers that accepts him and his love for all things “Kinky & Glamorous”. He hopes to bring something new to the table and exhibit his flair for drama in his leather presentations in this non-judgemental space.  In the past, Voudou has worked with non-profits to help organize fund raisers for HIV-Awareness, marched in numerous Gay Pride Parades and held a position as an assistant show-coordinator for the former “Club Colours” in Jackson, MS.  Using his love for Science Fiction, comic books, movies and music videos as an influence, and what was taught to him through his journey in the club scene, Voudou designs, creates and customizes many of his leather pieces.  Always ready to take someone’s photograph along with his love for archiving and collecting pieces of history, Voudou ONYX is more than ready to take on the reins of Historian for ONYX/Midwest.


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