Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) 

Hosted by the Centaurs Motorcycle Club, the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) is a three-day long party and event held every MLK weekend in Washington, DC.  ONYX events during MAL typically include a Friday Meet and Greet, the now infamous Cocktail Party and Gear Show on Saturday afternoon and a Fellowship Dinner on Sunday.  This year’s Cocktail Party and Gear Show raised upwards of $6000.  Join us for the next family reunion January 18 – 20, 2019!  Info on the 2018 Cocktail Party and Gear Show will be announced here!


Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW)

CLAW Corp is a certified non-profit corporation dedicated to fundraising, education, volunteerism and all other charitable needs of the adult leather community. They are dedicated to the principle that people into leather are normal, happy and healthy, and that they teach each other the truth of that principle. They produce a large annual convention (the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) in Cleveland, Ohio every year, and several smaller CLAW Nation events around the country throughout the year.

ONYX has in the past sponsored various events in support of CLAW and its fundraising efforts as part of its own mission of service to the community.  This year no less than 4 ONYXMen will be part of the educational instruction at CLAW!  ONYX will also co-sponsor the Uniform Party with the men of MAUL at the Leather Stallion.  Come out and join the fun at CLAW 18, April 26 – 29, 2018!


International Mister Leather (IML)

International Mister Leather (IML) is one of the world’s largest gatherings of leathermen and BDSM aficionados.  Held every Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, IML spans several days and includes the International Mister Leather competition in addition to other events, such as workshops, socials, themed dance parties and a leather vendor market.

During IML, the men of ONYX typically host a Meet and Greet on Friday evening and a People of Color Caucus in the afternoon followed by the world famous ONYX IML Dance, definitely one of Saturday night’s highlights.  We’ll be there May 25 – 28, 2018!  Will you?


ONYX Blackout

BLACKOUT is the anniversary celebration of ONYX.  We gather all our members, family, friends and supporters to celebrate yet another year in the leather community.  Originally held in Chicago, BLACKOUT has since been held in other locations such as Atlanta and Augusta in GA, New York City, Fort Lauderdale and most recently Washington, DC.  2015, BLACKOUT came home to the Windy City as we celebrated 20 years of DOMINANCE.  Keep your calendars open for 2019 as BLACKOUT next invades the City of Angels!  Yes, BLACKOUT will nest be hosted by the men in SoCal!!!!




April 6, 2018

Toy with Me is a event that introduces the use of sex toys as a way to heal ourselves and a safer way to satisfy yourself and others.

In this workshop you will learn the following.
– How sex toys help satisfy in a safer way
– How sex toys can help you prepare for a new encounter
– Different types of sex toys and how to use them
– Knowing which sex toys are good and which you should avoid
– How to clean and take care of sex toys

HIV and STI testing will also be provided.
– $25 for HIV or STI
– $50 for HIV/STI Combo
– Free for qualifying individuals

First 5 individuals to arrive will receive a Safer Sex Swag Bag with $25 worth of Toy with Me products.

Project VIDA is now holding this event monthly.  Info can be found on FB here!



April 13 – 15, 2018

You’ll definitely want to be at The Jackhammer Complex this April 13th-15th for the 2018 Mr. Illinois Bear contest – but more importantly – you’ll definitely want to be there to see all the tricks and gear ONYX/Midwest’s own  Crescendo Onyx is gonna pull to SNATCH this title!

You wanna see this pup in his Fantasy Wear? Or how about his Naughty Fairytale Wear?

Our new brother is coming out the gate strong, so let’s show up and give him that support!  You can check out the FB group here!



April 15, 2018

Cup Cake Wars 5 is coming! Bakers get ready to compete for the coveted MasterBaker Award. Everyone else, come taste each of the competing baker’s entries and help determine the winner through your TIPPING votes! Every bit of the tips the bakers earn goes to benefit Broadway Youth Center! So, bring cash and come ready to help feed the kids!  The fun happens at Touche beginning at 5pm.  Come and support ONYX/Midwest brother MajorMinor ONYX as he represents the club contribution to the fun!  More info can be found here!




April 20, 2018

Join the Men of ONYX/Midwest at our April Bar Night, Oh My Balls!
For April, our hanky color is teal as we are celebrate the joys of CBT (cock and ball torture)!  Can your junk take the punishment?  Wear your gear and come have a great time at ToucheChicago. Raffle | Jell-O Shots | Boots-to-Balls and hot leatherman!  You know you wanna be there, so come on out and get you some of what we got for you!

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