Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) 

Hosted by the Centaurs Motorcycle Club, the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) is a three-day long party and event held every MLK weekend in Washington, DC.  ONYX events during MAL typically include a Friday Meet and Greet, the now infamous Cocktail Party and Gear Show on Saturday afternoon and a Fellowship Dinner on Sunday.  This year’s Cocktail Party and Gear Show raised upwards of $6000.  Join us for the next family reunion January 17 – 20, 2020!  Info on the 2018 Cocktail Party and Gear Show will be announced here!


Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW)

CLAW Corp is a certified non-profit corporation dedicated to fundraising, education, volunteerism and all other charitable needs of the adult leather community. They are dedicated to the principle that people into leather are normal, happy and healthy, and that they teach each other the truth of that principle. They produce a large annual convention (the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) in Cleveland, Ohio every year, and several smaller CLAW Nation events around the country throughout the year.

ONYX has in the past sponsored various events in support of CLAW and its fundraising efforts as part of its own mission of service to the community.  This year no less than 4 ONYXMen will be part of the educational instruction at CLAW!  ONYX will also co-sponsor the Uniform Party with the men of MAUL at the Leather Stallion.  Come out and join the fun at CLAW 19, April 25 – 28, 2019!


International Mister Leather (IML)

International Mister Leather (IML) is one of the world’s largest gatherings of leathermen and BDSM aficionados.  Held every Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, IML spans several days and includes the International Mister Leather competition in addition to other events, such as workshops, socials, themed dance parties and a leather vendor market.

During IML, the men of ONYX typically host a Meet and Greet on Friday evening, May 24th and a People of Color Caucus on Saturday afternoon followed by the world famous APEX – The ONYX IML Dance, Saturday night, May 25th.  We’ll be there May 24 – 27, 2019!  Will you?


ONYX Blackout

BLACKOUT is the anniversary celebration of ONYX.  We gather all our members, family, friends and supporters to celebrate yet another year in the leather community.  Originally held in Chicago, BLACKOUT has since been held in other locations such as Atlanta and Augusta in GA, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC and most recently New Orleans for Voodoo in the Bayou.  Keep your calendars open for 2019 as BLACKOUT next invades the City of Angels!  Yes, BLACKOUT will next be hosted by the men in SoCal!  Mark your calendars for Oct 10-13, 2019!  Info soon to be found at blackout.onyxmen.com!



February 1 – Toy With Me/Project VIDA 

Join Project VIDA and ONYX/Midwest this Friday, January 4th, 6pm-9pm as we kick off 2019’s Toy With Me: A Spicier Safer Sex Experience. This Month Al Onyx Robins will be our guest facilitator with “Safe Negotiations in Bondage Play.”Toy with Me is an event that introduces the use of sex toys as a way to heal ourselves and a safer way to satisfy yourself and others.

This month’s topic focuses on:
Fantasy Role Play w/Voudou ONYX

In this workshop, you will learn the following.
– How sex toys help satisfy in a safer way
– How sex toys can help you prepare for a new encounter
– Different types of sex toys and how to use them
– Knowing which sex toys are good and which you should avoid
– How to clean and take care of sex toys

HIV and STI testing will also be provided.
– $25 for HIV or STI
– $50 for HIV/STI Combo
– Free for qualifying individuals

First 5 individuals to arrive will receive a Safer Sex Swag Bag with $25 worth of Toy with Me products.

Project VIDA is now holding this event monthly.
Entry $10
GET IN FREE! with an HIV and/or STI screening.
Get screened before the event for advance free entry.

This event is an 18 and over event.  Facebook info here!


February 9 – ONYX/Midwest Bar Nite 

ONYX/Midwest will be showing up at the Center on Halsted for Kink in Color: Black Representation in the Leather, Fetish, Rubber and BDSM community.  A multi-generational POC panel of leaders in the ever-expanding kink communities, discuss visibility and inclusion in a “what it was like, what happened, and where we are now” format.

The event at the Center is excited to welcome panelists Mufasa Ali, Issa Arden, Joey McDonald, Kylon Hooks, and Coleman Goode.  Information can be found at the FB event page here!


February 22 – ONYX/Midwest Bar Nite 

ONYX/Midwest brings you the first bar night of the year.  We will be bringing you the same sexy fun and shenanigans that you have come to be accustomed to  from us.  As usual we will be bring you jello shots to put you in the best mood possible to party with us.  If you’re lucky, we will be getting you more in the mood with a leather fetish demo to teach you sexier ways to have fun and frolic.  And looking ahead, you’ll be meeting the brave individuals seeking ONYX/Midwest membership on out Winter/Spring pledge line. 2019 is looking to be a great year with the men of ONYX, we already had our president Saber ONYX claim the title of Mr Chicago Leather 2019.  What other surprises are we gonna give you?  This month, come out in your military gear as we also celebrate corporal punishment!  Jello shots, raffle prizes, hot demos and the sexy leathermen you love to party with!


February 22-23 – Mr Fetish Jackhammer 2019 

Come out this weekend and watch leathermen be judged by Bull Baugh, Amanda Shremmz and Dady C John as they compete foe Mr Fetish Jackhammer.  All male identified persons are eligible to compete and ONYX/Midwest’s own Iron Wolf will be throwing his hat into the ring to snatch yet another title for ONYX.  Come out and cheer him on to victory!! Information can be found at FB here!

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